Visual Board

VisualBoard is a web application that collects and analyzes production data in near real-time in any discrete manufacturing plant. The main objectives of the application are to identify the actual process performance (OEE), as well as visualize areas for improvement and provide quality metrics.

Slide Production Monitoring

VisualBoard enables real-time production monitoring in any manufacturing plant, generating instant information and making it available to your company securely and from anywhere through our private cloud on AWS.

Within seconds workers will be able to make immediate decisions, such as discard a defective unit as scrap, test sample, or addressing a counting error.

By sensorizing the workstations (operations, cells, etc.), we can automate the production counting process, freeing up workers from this task and allowing them to focus on activities that add value for your customers.

Another benefit of real-time production monitoring is the ability to detect problems as they occur. For example, when a critical operation experiences a stoppage, the operator can notify it through our data collection stations, making it visible to all departments within your organization.

VisualBoard can help your company become part of the new industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0, by monitoring and capturing real-time information from the physical world and creating an electronic record of it. Start monitoring your company’s production in real-time by scheduling a no-obligation demonstration.

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