Visual Board

VisualBoard is a web application that collects and analyzes production data in near real-time in any discrete manufacturing plant. The main objectives of the application are to identify the actual process performance (OEE), as well as visualize areas for improvement and provide quality metrics.

Slide Production Losses

Every production process has an installed capacity, a maximum production volume that can be achieved over a certain period of time under suitable conditions. This concept is commonly referred to as entitlement. When the actual production falls short of this maximum achievable level, we consider the difference between the obtained and the maximum as “unrealized” and convert that delta into time. This is what we refer to as production losses.

Reducing these losses is challenging when the causes are not recorded, let alone measured. VisualBoard can automatically calculate production losses on an hourly basis. Through our data collection stations, it allows the capture and quantification of the causes of these losses in a quick and simple manner, using an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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