Visual Board

VisualBoard is a web application that collects and analyzes production data in near real-time in any discrete manufacturing plant. The main objectives of the application are to identify the actual process performance (OEE), as well as visualize areas for improvement and provide quality metrics.

Monitor production
in real-time.
Identify improvement opportunities quickly to take immediate actions.
Cancel anytime, no strings attached Contact us and discover how affordable it is to start using our application. Enabling opportunities. VisualBoard dashboards and displays located in strategic production floor areas. What is not measured cannot be improved. VisualBoard allows you to capture and analyze critical information from your manufacturing processes. Harness the power of the cloud. Don't waste time and resources on infrastructure. Let us help you so you can focus on what adds value to your business.



Our Services

Maximize visibility of existing opportunities in the processes.

VisualBoard as a Service (SaaS)

VisualBoard is a web application that collects and analyzes real-time production data from any manufacturing plant.

Initial Business Assessment

We have a certified team of VisualBoard technical professionals (engineers, experts) to conduct an initial evaluation of our clients, aiming to determine the level of maturity the company has in managing continuous improvement efforts.

Process Performance Measurement (OEE) Training

Our team of technical advisors is certified to provide training and development to personnel involved in process operations and/or continuous improvement management in the concepts of process optimization.

Data Structure Development and System Initialization

Our VOC Discovery Workshops will assist us in optimizing the information structure needed to gather on the platform. These workshops will help us collect and understand the voice of the customer, enabling us to tailor the data structure to their specific needs during the system initialization phase.

Implementation Service (shadow support)

The Visual Board team provides support from certified experts during the system integration / Implementation process.

System Integration

We are well aware how important it is for our Customers the ability to integrate the benefits of Visual Board tools with their existing manufacturing execution systems. (ERP, MRP, etc)

Discover what VisualBoard can do for your company.

The first step in any continuous improvement effort.

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